DIY Network

Open-Air Biker Bar

Episode DIND-607H

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  • August 12, 2014

    7:30 AM e/p

Florida-based couple Moe Reed, a landscape designer, and Dale Kessell, who works as a cable contractor, have a unique mutual pastime -- riding Harleys all over the state, from Key West to Daytona to everywhere in between. And while at home, they love to have their bike pals over for a drink or two. But with limited indoor space, they often find themselves outdoors. The home has a small patio and sitting area out back but lacks any character. These homeowners usually end up taking the party on the road to their favorite local watering hole, but what they really want is to bring the biker bar to their backyard! Dean and Derek are on hand to turn this outdoor space into the hangout Moe and Dale are looking for, complete with a stone patio, a red cedar pergola and a one-of-a-kind bar suspended by motorcycle chains.


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