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Omaha Onyx Party Room

Episode DIND-413H

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  • September 24, 2013

    7:30 AM e/p

William, a financial analyst and his wife, Victoria, are fairly new to the Cornhusker State. They have lived all over the world including Paris, New York, and the west coast. Through their travels, Victoria--who hails from Ireland--and William have come to appreciate the varied styles and tastes from around the world. Their home reflects French, art deco and other influences including a flair for onyx. William and Victoria have a small onyx accented party room in their basement that they would like to expand. But with little room inside, they've asked Dean and Derek to create an outdoor party room featuring onyx. Dean and Derek start by building a cooking and seating area complete with natural veneer stone and onyx countertops. They'll add lighting underneath the onyx to showcase its beauty and a cedar pergola above for enclosure. Sitting walls and strategically placed plants and trees give it privacy. For the final touch, they'll build a fireplace with stone veneer and a stunning copper chimney cap. When they're done, friends from near and far will enjoy this international party room.


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