DIY Network

Modern Urban Living Room

Episode DIND-311H

In true Cambridge style, Nick and Tanya's town house is small and quaint. But their taste is modern and artistic. Nick, a company controller and Tanya, a small business owner, like to defy convention. So, they decide to expand their limited indoor living space by creating a sleek and modern outdoor living room. Seeing the potential for a modern urban space, Dean and Derek are eager to make Nick and Tanya's city-dweller dreams come true! For starters, Nick and Tanya's yard is shaded with trees. So, it's no surprise that grass won't grow. No worries, Dean and Derek select a bluestone patio in an Ashlar pattern to provide an attractive foundation to the room that will look good no matter the sun's exposure. And with the help from designer Jay Bearfield, they build a contemporary artistic water fountain. To give privacy to the space, they bring in bamboo, contemporary furniture, and other decorative elements to complete the minimalist yet comfortable look! When this project is done, there's no doubt that Nick and Tanya will be the envy of the neighborhood!


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