DIY Network

Lakeside Lounge

Episode DIND-408H

Mark and Melissa Gibson have worked hard to make their home on Lake Jessamine a charming and inviting place. However, there is one thing they wish they could change about it . . . they wish it was located closer to the water's edge. Since they cannot move the entire house to the lakeshore, they have asked Dean and Derek to turn their dilapidated boathouse into a gorgeous lakeside lounge to relax and share with friends. Dean and Derek are on it! They start by demolishing the current boathouse with its rotting wood and broken glass. Next, they get wet by sinking pilings in order to support a new framework. With that in, they lay composite decking to prevent future decay. Above the decking, they create an open-air covering with a powder coated blue aluminum roof to protect the Gibsons from the bright Florida sun. With plenty of plush seating and a dining table for six, the Gibson family will be the envy of their lakeside neighborhood!


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