DIY Network

Grown-up Getaway

Episode DIND-304H

Diane and Dave DiTullio's two children and dog have the run of their house leaving no place for mom and dad to relax. So Dean and Derek step in to give these parents a grownup getaway in the family's overlarge, underused, pool-filled backyard. To divide the space up a bit, they'll add a freeform paver patio to the pool area interspersed with colorful low-maintenance planting beds. And since Mom & Dad no longer control their house - Dean and Derek are building them a custom pool cabana complete with a bar area and a covered porch for dining. The last step is a splash of ambience with strategic lighting, seating walls, and a beautiful water feature that looks like it feeds into the pool. When Dean and Derek are done, Diane and Dave will have a perfect getaway for two busy parents... good luck keeping the kids out!

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