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Greek Isle Getaway

Episode DIND-402H

Tune In

  • July 09, 2013

    7:30 AM e/p

It's been over a decade since Julie and Jerry Layden ventured to the Greek Isles for their honeymoon. Running around with their three young boys and entertaining their large extended family (Julie is the youngest of 7) has left Julie and Jerry no time to take off for exotic locales. As a result, Dean and Derek bring island paradise to the Laydens by turning their backyard into a Greek Isle getaway for their large extended family to enjoy. To start, Dean and Derek clear the poolside space. After prepping the base, they install an outdoor bar built to seat ten people with cedar facing and a Santorini blue concrete countertop. Over the bar, Dean and Derek build a patio cover with Greek-style columns. In a seating area beside the bar, they add a paver patio in a circular pattern and a fire pit with plenty of seating and Greek decorative flair. When the space is all finished, the Laydens will have the perfect big fat Greek outdoor room to entertain their entire family! Opa!


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