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Fresh Air Family Room

Episode DIND-504H

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  • July 23, 2013

    8:00 AM e/p

Daren, an accountant, and Dawn, a stay-at-home mom, have a toddler named Conor who has the run of the house, especially the family room. With no other casual living space inside of their home, Daren and Dawn are desperate for a place to spend time together without tripping over toys. Dean and Derek have a solution. They'll create an outdoor family room right off of their indoor family room that has plenty of space for Daren and Dawn to relax without all of the clutter! To start, Dean and Derek refinish the Bridges' existing deck by replacing some old decking boards, sanding and staining the entire deck and installing a new railing system. The deck has a wide opening leading to a new patio made with unique natural stone pavers from Oklahoma. Shaping the patio space is a tiered retaining wall. They'll bring in lush plantings, plush furnishings and other outdoor items to turn this once run-of-the-mill backyard into a "fresh air family room."


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