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French Country Sitting Room

Episode DIND-605H

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  • July 29, 2014

    7:30 AM e/p

Vegas native and former firefighter Paul Calabrese and his wife Chris are hard-working do-it-yourselfers who just can't stop doing! Chris has a passion for French country style, and the couple has been slowly transforming their inside space to reflect it. At the same time, they desperately need to expand and have a yard that is as bare as the Vegas desert. But all this remodeling is taking a toll - Paul has a list of tasks a mile long, leaving him little time to get anything done outside. That's where Dean and Derek come in! Their plan is to transform Chris and Paul's unused side yard into an elegant French country escape in the Vegas desert. First they lay a paver patio to cover the barren Vegas dirt. Then they cover the exposed masonry wall with a layer of textured stucco. Once the stucco dries, they wall-mount an old European-style water feature for a touch of tranquility. To anchor the space and warm it up on those cold desert nights, Dean and Derek build a huge fireplace from a kit, covering it with a layer of stucco. They finish with privacy plantings and top-of-the-line French country-themed outdoor furniture. Soon these go-getters will be gettin' a little more R&R!


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