DIY Network

Dockside Lobster Bar

Episode DIND-309H

Jaci and Mike Hogan have a cozy--though small-house in Falmouth, MA. It's great for intimate gatherings and quiet nights but any time they have friends or business associates over, there's just no space. And because they both love the ocean and enjoy steamed cherry stones and lobsters, their dream room has always been a dockside lobster bar. Enter Dean and Derek. They create the ultimate lobster bar that looks and feels like it's right on the dock. They start by demolishing the old wooden deck and replacing it with top-of-the-line composite decking. For a dockside feel, they add pylons in one corner and rope railings all around then build a shiplap shower to wash away that sea salt. In the center of it all they turn a small boat into a cooking and seating island complete with raw bar and keg area. There will be a cooking station and of course plenty of lobsters. The hardest part will be keeping all of Jaci and Mike's friends from spending every night at their new dockside lobster bar!


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