DIY Network

Desert Hideaway

Episode DIND-307H

Dean and Derek return to Las Vegas to give a family in need a desert hideaway! After long hours spent watching an active one year old, all stay-at-home-mom Marguerita wants to do is relax. Her and husband David's home features a nice, open floor plan, but for relaxing they want something cozier... and outdoors! Fortunately their backyard is tiny, empty, and the perfect spot for a desert hideaway! The current yard features two areas that Dean and Derek want to tackle: a covered patio entrance and a narrow dirt backyard. But first they'll shield the yard from a nearby jogging path by adding a screen of desert-thriving plants. For the entrance, Dean and Derek will add a burnished-leather stain to existing concrete and fill in arched entrances with self-circulating water fountains. Where there's a dirt pit, they'll lay a beautiful flagstone patio centered around a rugged red rock firepit. When they're done - David and Marguerita will have a cozy place to getaway... they just may never want to go back indoors!


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