DIY Network

Camp Kitchen and Fire Pit

Episode DIND-508H

Matt Light, New England Patriots Left Tackle and three-time Super Bowl champion, spends his time off the field working on his foundation - the Light Foundation. Every year, Matt and his staff run a camp for underprivileged kids on his 300+ acre plot of land in Ohio. The camp is pretty bare bones - no electricity and no place to cook. In fact, Matt's mother-in-law cooks all of the meals for the campers and with the help of Matt's wife and mother drives them over for every meal. So Matt has enlisted Dean and Derek's help to build the ultimate outdoor kitchen and firepit area for the camp. To start, Dean and Derek prep lay a 300 million year-old fossil stone patio and build two state-of-the-art counters with cooking appliances including an outdoor pizza oven. They add fossil stone veneer and one-of-a-kind fossil stone countertops. The fire pit area boasts gigantic boulders, a special stone epoxy base area and seating. Amid the two areas are polished stone tables and stone seats. It's the perfect campsite kitchen and firepit that should last another 300 million years....give or take a few.


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