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California Tasting Room

Episode DIND-613H

Tune In

  • September 23, 2014

    7:30 AM e/p

Madelyn Kolber and her husband Ben work at a small family-run winery in Northern California. But the new winery, nestled in the burgeoning Lodi Valley region, has started to outgrow its space. The vineyard has an indoor tasting room that only accommodates about ten people at a time. Rather than expand that space, Madelyn and Ben are hoping to create an outdoor room that can handle overflow from the cramped tasting bar, as well as be a permanent fixture for their larger seasonal events. It's Dean and Derek to the rescue as they transform a barren side yard into a rustic tasting room, complete with a zinc bar, a 40-foot-arbor, colorful pavers, a natural stone fire pit and furniture made from used wine barrels.


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