DIY Network

Al Fresco Dining Room

Episode DIND-310H

With just a couple of old picnic tables and not much else for outdoor entertaining, the Marshall family really needs help. Dean and Derek head to Gloucester, Massachusetts to create an outdoor dining room for the family... and this time, they're getting an assist! Jamie Marshall works in the seafood business and is good buddies with Andy and John Hillstrand of Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch. So the two captains take time away from their boat, The Time Bandit, to lend a hand with the project. Dean and Derek start by plotting out the landscape and laying pavers for a huge new patio. A beautiful decorative stone wall is next as well as a cozy stone firepit. As the focal point, they'll put together a wooden gazebo - the perfect spot for comfortable seating. Then, they'll add the grill and cooking area for the Alaskan King Crab . And even though it all takes place on land, there's plenty of high seas high jinks with the ever colorful Hillstrand brothers.


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