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Illuminate Your Christmas

Outdoor Lighting Tips & Tricks

Outdoor Christmas Lighting

DIY Network's licensed electrician James Young has the lowdown on outdoor lighting.

How to String It Up Safely

Buyers' Guide For Holiday Lighting

Holiday Decorations

What's new in holiday splash and what you can expect to pay for it?

Outdoor Christmas Decor

Move Over, Clark Griswold

Browse photos of some outrageously lit-up homes.

What Type of Christmas Tree to Buy

Christmas Tree Buying Guide

Buying a live tree? Find out which species is right for you and how best to care for it.

Don't Get a Charlie Brown Tree

Show Off Your Skills: DIY Outdoor Decorations

Sled and Reindeer

Santa Sleigh Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Get plans to make North Pole transportation.

Hanging Snowflakes

Wooden Snowflake Decorations

Fill the trees or eaves with twinkling snowflakes.

Wooden Snowman

Wooden Snowman Decoration

Build a frosty mascot for your front yard.


Christmas Across the Country

Christmas Across the Country

Step inside homes decked out for the holidays with HGTV's

Get a Peek Inside