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Home Sweet Hip Hop

Episode DIHH-103H

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  • January 12, 2014

    4:30 AM e/p

Mike and Chris Melz, aka "The Wonder Twinz" are travel DJS for the hip-hop legends Naughty by Nature who have recently inherited their grandparents home. Mike lives in the renovated side with his long time girlfriend, while Chris's half is still covered in his grandmother's flowered wall paper. Mike believes if Chris's bedroom was less geriatric, his brother will have an easier time finding love. Jon and Nicole's challenge is to turn the space into a sophisticated bachelor pad, while being respectful of their grandparent's memory. Watch as this brother-sister duo helps this brother not only with a new bedroom, but add some outdoor fixes that shine a light on the three acre parcel surrounding the family home. Find out if the right room lands Chris the right girl, and pay attention for some very special guests on this hip-hop home makeover that leaves even these outgoing MCs speechless.


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