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What to Do Before You Renovate

Want an easy renovation? Learn how to prep your space.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

storage container
packing material
strapping tape
moving pads
painter's tape
plastic sheets
craft paper
craft knife

Clear the Space

The better the prep, the smoother the renovation.

Move all furnishings into safe storage, like a container. Keep electronics upright; store flat items like mirrors on one edge.

Tip: Getting someone to help carry heavy furniture is safer than using a dolly.

Cover Registers and Vent the Area

Tape craft paper over registers.

Turn off HVAC fan, and vent work area with a box fan sealed in one window with plastic and tape. Vent work area even in cold weather.

Seal Doors

Seal doors with plastic sheets inside and outside workspace, leaving one entryway.

To protect rest of home from dust, create double-layer plastic skirt over entryway, leaving work side intact and slitting house side down the middle.

Tip: Plastic sheets should be 12 inches larger than opening on all sides.

As an alternative, install a temporary, zippered dust door.

Keep the Work Area Clean

To keep from tracking dust and debris into living space, put sticky doormat next to entryway.

To free up space during non-work times, store tools and equipment inside container.

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