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How to Create Wall Texture

Adding texture to walls can give a room richness and depth. Learn from the experts on how to add texture to your walls.

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let spray on texture dry
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    $50 - $100

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Step 1: Prep the Walls

First, turn off the power, then remove all the faceplates and switchplates (Image 1).

Add painter's tape around the windows and doors.

Use a pry bar to remove the outdated shoe molding and baseboards (Image 2).

Tape a plastic sheet over the windows to protect them from the spray of the texture.

Step 2: Prime the Walls

Prime the walls with one thick, even coat to prepare them for the spray-on texture.

Let primer dry to the touch.

prime walls with one thick coat

Step 3: Apply the Spray-On Texture

Mix the spray-on texture with a hand mixer.

Dump into hopper and spray onto the walls in a sweeping motion, back and forth, about four feet from the surface of the walls.

Let the spray-on texture dry for about an hour.

spray texture onto walls in sweeping motion

Step 4: Softly Knock Down the Texture

With a soft touch, use the straightedge tool to knock down the texture.

use straight edge to softly knock down texture




  • Ladder system from Little Giant Ladders