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Updating a Kitchen Sink and Faucets

This DIY Basic will provide tips on updating a kitchen sink and faucets.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

stainless steel sink
single handle faucets with pull-out spouts
measuring tape
coping saw
silicone caulk and caulk gun
mounting hardware
power drill

Install the Sink

Update your kitchen sink and faucets with efficiency, performance and style. Start with a new countertop and double-bowl, sound-deadening stainless steel sink.

Install an undermount sink for sleek surface and easy cleaning.

Turn countertop over and cut opening to size. Attach blocks to underside of counter as guide for undermount sink installation.

Run bead of caulk around top rim of sink, and secure the sink to the underside of the countertop with mounting hardware.

Mount the Faucet

Turn countertop back over and secure to cabinet.

Hook up drain lines.

Single-handle faucet with pull-down spray head gives sink less-cluttered look. Save water with faucet which defaults to eco-performance setting but easily switches to full-flow for filling pots or vases.

To install, turn off water and open faucet to drain water from lines.

Mount faucet to counter. If space around sink is limited, install handle in center position.

Connect the Water Lines

Connect hot and cold water lines.

Feed flexible hose through faucet spout.

Flush water lines to improve faucet performance.

Connect spray head to neck of spout. To get to hard-to-reach areas of sink, install faucet with pull-down spray head.

Tip: To cut down on cleaning, fingerprints and water spots, choose spot-resistant finish.