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Ultimate Bachelor Bath: How to Build a Tub Support and Add Finishing Touches

DIY expert Amy Matthews helps a bachelor create the ultimate bathroom that features a tub support, luxurious high-end fixtures and accessories

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Step 1: Make and Transfer the Measurements

To start on the tub support, determine the size of the floor base by taking measurements from the tub feet to the edge of the tub collar, using a measuring tape and level. Do the same on the other side. This helps you determine how big the floor area under the tub must be.

Transfer the measurements to the floor area within the tub deck.

Transfer those marks to the rim joists under the tub deck to determine and mark the location for the support joists.

make and transfer measurements

Step 2: Install the Joist Hangers

Install the joist hangers on those marks so they match up with the bottom of the rim joist. Secure the joist hangers in place with nails that are designed to be used with joist hangers. They help the hangers achieve their load rating.

Cut the joists to length and drop them into the hangers. For hard-to-reach nails, try using a pneumatic palm nailer.

installing the joist hangers

Step 3: Lay the Plywood

Lay the plywood sub-floor, securing with a nail gun. Set the tub into place. A plumber can come in and hook it all up.

lay plywood sub floor

Step 4: Add the Finishing Touches (If Any)

The electronic toilet the homeowner chose has an automatic seat lifter, the seat is heated, it has a washer and dryer, and it even flushes itself. The toilet cleans itself too! To install, start with the closet bolts and then the wax ring (Image 1).

This toilet comes with its own toilet flange assembly that bolts to the floor (Image 2). Once that is in place, you are ready for the toilet base and the seat. Professionals hooked up the water supply and electric.

Amy installed another high-tech item — a mirror that has an embedded LCD TV (Image 3) inside of it. It can even be hooked up to cable and a DVD player. When the TV is off, it just looks like any ordinary mirror.

Wood blinds were hung to finish off the ultimate bachelor bathroom. The materials alone for this high-tech bathroom cost more than $45,000. By doing some of the work himself, the homeowner saved about $15,000.

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  • Nexus Airbath tub (model: ABY794N/color: Cotton White) and toilet (Neorest 600/model: MS990CG/color: Cotton White) from Toto USA Inc.
  • 33 x 36 Recessed television with 20 LCD display (Seura/model: R3336-20) from Seura Inc.
  • Granite vanity countertop (color: Uba Tuba Antique Finish/honed) from Granite-Tops LLC
  • Wall-mounted bath faucets (model: 36.812.888.006/color: Platinum Matte); faucet mixers (model: 35.806.970); soap dishes (model: 83.410.890/color: Platinum Matte); towel bars (model: 83.210.890/color: Platinum Matte); hooks (model: 83.251.220/color: Platinum Matte); waste pop-ups (model: 1020097006/color: Platinum Matte); deck-mounted tub set (Tara Classic/model: 27.512.880/color: Platinum Matte) from Dornbracht USA
  • Signature Series bathroom vanity cabinets (model: Robe/color: Natural Cherry) from Mid Continent Cabinetry
  • Bathroom basins (LOOP/model: 718600XX/color: Alpine White) from Villeroy and Boch