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Troubleshoot Your HVAC

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Trouble Shoot your HVAC


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Tools & Materials

HVAC filters
Long-handled brush
Thermostat batteries
Circuit tester

Tips for Troubleshooting Your HVAC

TIP: Here’s what to do before calling an HVAC repair service.

1. Check filters and replace them, if necessary.

TIP: Clogged filters can disrupt airflow and lower performance.

2. Check supply and return vents for obstructions.

3. Clear debris around outdoor unit.

4. Make sure thermostat is in proper heating or cooling mode.

5. Replace thermostat batteries.

6. Make sure breakers, switches, and disconnects are in ‘ON’ position.

7. Leave fan on ‘continuous’ setting while waiting for repair service.

TIP: This keeps filtered air circulating and makes your home more comfortable.

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