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How to Paint Tropical Blue Walls

To brighten up your child's bedroom, consider this ragging technique to create a bright blue tropical sky.

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painting tropical blue walls
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    $50 - $100

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Step 1: Prepare the Walls

Dust off baseboards and trim with dry paint brush or vacuum. Mask baseboards and top trim with painter's tape and place drop cloth on floor

Step 2: Mix Paints for the Glaze

Mix latex glazing liquid with base paint color: 3 parts glaze to 1 part paint.

Step 3: Apply the Trim Paint and Base Coat

Use brush to "trim out" the walls using the base coat glaze.

Use a roller to apply base coat glaze to the large surface areas of wall.

Step 4: Apply the Ragging Technique

A ragging technique will be used to create a "broken color" finish.

While the paint is still wet, use a cheesecloth to "pounce" across the surface to remove small amounts of paint and allow the base color to show through. This will create a softened effect.