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Tools & Materials

Quart plastic bags
Power drill
Wood screws
Tablet and/or smart phone
Travel steamer
Flight and hotel apps
Portable electronics charger
Power splitter

Tips for Smart Travel

1. To save time, keep pre-packed sets of electronics gear, toiletries, and carry-on liquids.

2. Hang travel shelf in closet or cabinet for storing them.

TIP: Install braces to hold shelf.

3. Make checklist of items to pack and mark each off as you put it into bag.

4. Roll clothes to save space and prevent wrinkles.

5. Pack dirty shoes in old shower cap.

6. Download apps to smart phone or tablet for hotel information and flight tracking.

7. Carry portable electronics charger or power-splitter for sharing electrical outlets in airports.

8. Take only bank and credit cards you need for trip.

9. Notify bank and card companies of travel dates and destinations; otherwise, cards could be refused.

10. Install battery-powered camera tied to smart phone app.