Baby & Kids Scrapbook Ideas

Celebrate baby's every milestone or your child's growing years with these playful and whimsical scrapbooking ideas.

Wedding & Anniversary

Whether it's the first year or many years down the road, commemorate your life together with a scrapbook.

Christmas & Holiday Scrapbook

Holiday cheer comes but once a year. Place all of your favorite holiday photos and keepsakes in a scrapbook.

Travel & Vacation

Bring yourself back to the beach, abroad, or elsewhere with a vacation scrapbook that will spark memories of your favorite travels.

Seasonal Scrapbooking

Revive the feeling of summer, winter, spring, or fall with our seasonal scrapbooking ideas.

Scrapbook Storage

Find creative storage ideas for your scrapbooking supplies within our craft rooms library.

Family Creativity Center 7 Steps

Creativity is a learned skill that builds confidence and sparks communication. Spark kids' creativity and have hours of creative family fun with an arts-and-crafts center.

12 Creative Craft Room Storage Ideas 12 Photos shares ideas to help you keep your craft or sewing room organized and looking beautiful.

Behind the Scenes: A Peek at the Craft Spaces of DIY Network's Bloggers 34 Photos’s writers, content contributors and bloggers give us a peek at their home offices, studios and creative spaces.

Store That Stuff Feb 26, 2015

Carol Duvall, host of HGTV's The Carol Duvall Show, visited producer Linda Watson's craft room and discovered lots of ideas for keeping craft supplies organized and stored.

How to Create a Kid-Friendly Crafts Room 4 Steps

See how a dining room is transformed into a kid-friendly craft space.

Organize an Arts and Crafts Area Mar 24, 2015

Follow these tips to keep arts and crafts supplies organized.

How to Build a Sewing Station 9 Steps

Essentially, this sewing table is a mounted mobile workbench on casters. It was designed with work and design flexibility in mind.

Run My Renovation: A Combination Bar, Game Room and Craft Center 4 Photos

We asked fans to vote on how we should renovate an attic bonus room. Take a look at the stunning results.

A Backyard Garage Becomes an Artist's Studio 29 Photos

DIY Network tours a backyard garage that was turned into an industrial-chic sewing studio.

Other Craft Ideas

Finished up that scrapbook? Don't fret. We have hundreds of craft ideas to keep the creative juices flowing. Take a look around!

How to Weatherproof Fabric Sep 1, 2016

Make your favorite fabric accessory weatherproof with two simple ingredients.

Firefly Cocktail and Lemon Daisy Mocktail Feb 25, 2015

Rock candy syrup is the sweet secret behind two tasty drinks, best enjoyed on the rocks.

Creative Genius: Maria Alexandra Vettese + Stephanie Congdon Barnes Feb 16, 2017

These best friends and bloggers share stories of living a creative life in their new book.

DIY Crystal Pendant Necklace Mar 15, 2017

Grow your own crystals to make this stylish pendant necklace.

How to Make a Braided Headband 12 Steps

Perfect for a spa day (or any other day!), this cute braided head wrap is so easy to make, you'll want one in every color!

How to Make a Derby Day Hat Jan 21, 2016

Here’s a trick that turns a beach hat into a Derby Day hat in a hot minute.

Be Nice or Leave: Subversive Cross Stitch Pattern 8 Steps

Don't put up with bad karma in your house. Download this free pattern, stitch the message and tell the meanies and grumps where to go.

Craft With an Attitude: Download Subversive Cross Stitch Pattern 8 Steps

You've got better things to do than clean, so stop making excuses. Download this free pattern, spend some therapeutic time stitching, hang it on the wall and let everyone know your viewpoint on housekeeping.

Subversive Cross-Stitch Pattern: Sew What? 8 Steps

Are you a seamstress with a bit of an attitude? Download this free pattern, spend some therapeutic time stitching it together, hang it on the wall and then let everyone know how you really feel.

Free Subversive Cross Stitch Pattern: Measure 2x, Cut 1x 8 Steps

This famous saying can be applied to many aspects of life. Use needle and embroidery floss to create a constant reminder that double-checking is always a good idea.

Want More Crafts?

Get Crafty

Tired of scrapbooking? Get sewing, fabric crafts, holiday, jewelry making and more crafts here. If you're in the mood for crafting, we've got your fix with step-by-step instructions and pictures.