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Tips on Replacing a Toilet

This DIY Download will provide tips on replacing a toilet.

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Tools & Materials

Putty knife
Adjustable wrench
Carpenter’s level
Tape measure
Replacement wax seal

Remove the Old Tank

TIP: For an energy-efficient bathroom, replace your old toilet with a new, low-flow model.

1. Start by removing old toilet.

2. Turn off water.

3. Flush old toilet and remove excess water with sponge.

4. Remove old tank.

5. Loosen T-bolts securing tank to floor.

Remove the Wax Ring

1. Rock bowl side to side to loosen wax seal.

2. Remove bowl and use putty knife to remove old wax seal.

TIP: Caution, hazardous gases could rise from pipe.

3. Wipe away remaining wax with rag or damp sponge.

Position the New Bowl

1. Place new wax seal around opening in floor.

2. Align new bowl outlet with flange.

3. Apply weight and press down to set wax seal.

TIP: Do not move bowl after seal has touched flange; seal could break and cause leakage.

TIP: If seal is broken, replace with new one.

Secure the Bowl

1. Place plastic cap bases over T-bolts in upright position.

2. Slide washer and thread nut over T-bolt.

3. Evenly tighten nut over T-bolt until secure.

4. Do not over-tighten; this could damage toilet.

5. Shorten bolts with hacksaw, if necessary.

6. Snap plastic caps onto cap bases.

7. Slide retaining bolts into brackets on bottom of tank.

Install the New Tank

1. Press gasket onto tank outlet.

2. Position tank on bowl by centering gasket on bowl inlet.

3. Assemble washers and nuts on tank bolts.

4. Alternately tighten nuts until tank is level and mounting bracket tabs make contact with bowl.

TIP: Place long carpenter’s level on top of tank to check for level.

Connect the Water Supply and Finish Installation

1. Connect water supply to tank.

2. Open valve and check for leaks.

TIP: Place bucket under valve before turning it on.

3. Install toilet seat and lid.

4. Place tank cover on tank.

5. Adjust flush volume by pinching C-clip and sliding it up or down float rod.