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Timesaving Laundry Room

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Timesaving Laundry Room


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Tools & Materials

Tape measurer
Chalkboard or recycled door
Power drill
Wood screws
Barn door track
Lag bolts
Power drill
High-capacity, short-cycle washer and dryer
Wall brackets
Small countertop
Cabinets or shelf
Clothing rods
Wall-mounted clothing valet
Foldout ironing board

Tips for a Timesaving Laundry Room

TIP: To save time doing laundry, think differently.

1. Before you buy, measure to make sure you can get appliances into your home.

TIP: Doors and hallways should be at least 1 inch wider than units.

TIP: If necessary, remove doors and hinges to get appliances through.

2. For extra space inside laundry room, hang a slider door.

TIP: Paint original door with chalkboard paint or recycle an old door.

TIP: Mount door on barn door track; attach wheels to top of door.

3. To save time, choose high-capacity, short-cycle washer/dryer.

4. Hang countertop from wall brackets.

5. Install cabinets or shelf for tools and supplies.

6. Suspend rods underneath cabinets for delicates and clothes right out of dryer.

7. Hang wall-mount clothing valet to save space.

8. Install foldout ironing board.