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Time-Saving Laundry Tips

Get tips that'll help you save time and be more efficient in the laundry room.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:
laundry hampers
label maker and labels
wall hooks
large, colored plastic paper clamps
circular saw
measuring tape
aluminum flashing
3/8-inch plywood
wood screws
power drill with wood bit
paint or stain
clothes hangers
laundry rack
closet rods

Teach Your Family to Sort Clothes

Train your family to sort clothes into different hampers.

Label hampers "Darks," "Lights," "Cottons," etc., and train your family to put different colors and fabrics into the proper hampers.

Have special place for stained items. Those needing immediate attention can be hung on the wall with brightly colored clamps.

Install a Laundry Chute

If the laundry room is on the lower floor, install a laundry chute. A laundry chute uses gravity to carry dirty clothes to a downstairs laundry room.

Tip: For safety, make the chute at least 42 inches tall and attach it securely to the floor and the wall.

Use Efficient Detergents

Choose time-saving washing products, such as detergents with fabric softener, which can cut down on wrinkles.

Cut Down on Wrinkles and Ironing

Taking shirts and pants out of the dryer when they're slightly damp can cut down on wrinkles and ironing.

Tip: Hang shirts on hangers broad enough to support shoulders; pants can be clipped upside-down onto hangers to prevent leg creases.

Double rods at different heights make putting away clean clothes faster and easier, and they will double the space in your closet.

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