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Tiling a Foyer: How to Grout the Tile

Host Paul Wilson completes the look of the flooring in a foyer by grouting the tile.

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Step 1: Mix the Grout

Mix the grout per the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 2: Wet the Tile

Wet the tile with a sponge and try to avoid leaving any standing water in the joints.

Step 3: Apply the Grout

Apply the grout with a laminated grout float.

apply grout with laminated grout float

Step 4: Fill the Holes

Push the grout over the face of the tiles diagonally with the flat edge of the float to cut off excess grout. Make sure to fill in the holes and voids on the tile.

Note: When grouting the stair risers, be sure to place some cardboard on the treads to catch any grout that may fall form the risers.

Step 5: Grout all Joints

Work in small manageable areas, and continue the process over the entire floor until all joints have been grouted.

Note: Grouting stone tiles is similar to grouting any other type of tile, but fill any holes and voids for this particular type of tile.

Step 6: Tool the Grout

With a nearly dry sponge, tool the grout to eliminate pinholes, voids, highs and low spots.

tool the grout

Step 7: Allow the Grout to Set

Allow grout to set and haze over.

Step 8: Remove any Grout Residue

Do a final wipe with a nearly dry sponge pulled diagonally over the face of the tile to remove any grout residue.

Note: Grout should set for 24 hours before walking on it.

Step 9: Apply Sealant to the Tile

Wait from 48 to 72 hours before applying sealant to the tile and grout (this depends on the instructions on the particular sealant you choose).

Step 10: Apply Sealant to the Grout Joints

Apply the sealant to both the grout joints and the tile face.

Step 11: Apply With a Paintbrush

Apply with a paintbrush.

apply sealant with paintbrush