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Temporary Storage

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Moving boxes


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Tools & Materials

Electronic tablet
Stackable boxes
In-cabinet racks
Flat clothing boxes
Storage container
Tape measurer
Cardboard packing boxes
Plastic tubs
Packing tape
3-in-1 household oil
Fogging oil

Storage: Sweet and Simple

Tip: Keep temporary storage simple and organized.

Rent storage container for larger items.

Tip: Keep container in driveway or storage facility.

Make inventory as you pack.

Measure furniture so you can plan new interior.

Tip: Fill each box to top.

Tip: Use newspaper as filler but don't wrap with it; ink can stain.

Tool Planning

Protect metal tools with light coat of 3-in-1 household oil.

Tip: Store metal tools in plastic tub, not cardboard, so they won't break through.

Fog internal parts of engines of gasoline-powered tools to stop corrosion.

Drain gas tanks.

Pair it Down

Keep only what you need for every day: seasonal clothing, towels, linens, kitchen items; store everything else.

Load favorite books onto electronic tablet.

Maximize shelf space for smaller items with stackable boxes and in-cabinet racks.

Store clothing in flat boxes under bed.

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