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Storing Sports Equipment in a Garage

This DIY Basic will provide tips on storing sports equipment in a garage.

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Sports equipment storage

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Organize Bike Equipment

Proper storage can prolong the life of sports equipment and make it easier to find. Start by organizing equipment by sport.


  • Hang bikes from eaves or ceiling with bicycle hooks or rubber-padded hooks
  • For one or two bikes, install frame or bike pole to hold bikes parallel to wall. The lower the bike, the easier the retrieval
  • Multiple bikes can be stored perpendicular to wall
  • Hang bike helmets on handlebars or wall hooks

Organize Skis, Snowboards and Sleds

  • Hang skis and snowboards from wall-mounted racks or between wall boards
    Tip: Hold skis in place with bungee cords; hooks in wall on both sides of skis will anchor bungees
  • Sleds can hang from S hooks on eaves or ceiling
  • Store helmets, mittens and hats on shelves
  • Suspend clothes rod from ceiling for hanging jackets and ski pants

Organize Golf and Field Sport Equipment


  • Golf bags can hang on wall-mounted racks
  • Use wire baskets on shelves for balls and shoes

Field Sports

  • Baseball bats and hockey and lacrosse sticks can stand upright in metal trash cans
  • Balls of all sizes can go in mesh bags or wire baskets or in rolling laundry shelves. Ball claws attached to wall will hold most kinds of balls
  • Store helmets, face guards and gloves on shelves

Organize Sailing, Boating and Camping Equipment

Sailing and Boating

  • Hang life jackets and boating clothes on suspended rods
    Tip: Hang in garment bags or cover with plastic

Camping Equipment
  • Hang sleeping bags on suspended rods
  • Tents and packs can go on deep shelves
    Tip: Remove all traces of food before storing

Organize Fishing Equipment


  • Hang fishing rods on pegboard hooks
  • Creels can be stored on shelves or hung from pegboard hooks
  • Store small items like hooks and lures in compartmentalized plastic boxes on shelves
  • Boots can hang upside down on pegboard hooks or sit on shelving
  • Fishing vests, waders and jackets can be hung on suspended rods

Lastly, cover garage windows with blinds or privacy film to discourage theft.