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Storing Gasoline-Powered Equipment

Get step-by-step instructions from DIY Network on storing your gas-powered equipment.

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Tools & Materials

Mild detergent
Vegetable oil
Motor oil
Fogging oil
Gas can
Fuel stabilizer
Fresh gasoline

Clean Engine

Tip: To keep gasoline-powered tools up and running when you need them, store them properly when you don’t.

Clean engine deck with mild detergent and water.

Tip: Use sponge or rag, not wire brush.

Tip: Spray underside of mower with vegetable oil to help prevent build-up of debris and dirt.

Service Fuel System

Tip: Gasoline can breakdown in as little as thirty days. To keep gas fresh, put fuel stabilizer in gas can.

Tip: Instead of draining engine for storage, fill tank with stabilized gas. This prevents rust and makes it easy to start next season.

Tip: Run engine for five minutes so freshened gas can reach carburetor.

Change Oil

Tip: Warm engine to make oil drain faster.

Use a fogging oil spray to lubricate internal engine parts and protect against corrosion.

Tip: Spray fogging oil into air intake of running engine.

Clean and oil foam filters.

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