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How to Stencil Paint a Cabinet

Learn how to create decorative furniture by using paint and stencils, from DIY Network.

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stencil paint a cabinet
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Step 1: Apply Base Coat

Apply eggshell latex base and allow to dry.

Dip the dry brush in silver latex paint, then remove most of the paint from the brush by rubbing the inside of the cardboard box.

dip dry brush in silver latex paint

Step 2: Create Silver Paint Streaks

Lightly drag the brush against the furniture to create silver streaks.

Once the paint dries, tape the stencil to the top of cabinet using painter's tape to adhere.

stipple silver paint over stencil

Step 3: Create Stencil Design

Dip the stipple brush in silver paint and remove the excess in a cardboard box as before.

Stipple silver paint over the stencil and remove the stencil when finished.

stencil paint a cabinet