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Spring Maintenance for Blowers and Trimmers

This DIY Basic will provide tips on spring maintenance for blowers and trimmers.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

trimmer line
small brush
scissors or utility knife

Clean the Leaf Blower

Start by cleaning up leaf blower. Remove blower tube and nozzle.

In well-ventilated place, drain and clean fuel tank.

Run engine until carburetor is at idle speed. Clean cylinder fins, and clean and/or replace air filter.

Adjust electrode gap of sparkplug; replace sparkplug, if necessary, and clean cooling air intakes.

Fill the Blower's Fuel Tank

Tighten all accessible screws and nuts except adjusting screws.

In well-ventilated place, fill fuel tank.

Tip: To avoid condensation, fill fuel tank after each use, unless the mower won't be used for more than 30 days.

Clean and Refuel Trimmers

Change sparkplug, if needed, and clean or replace air filter.

Make sure all protective devices, such as deflector, are attached and working.

Fill fuel tank with fresh 50:1, and replace trimmer line.

Remove Spool From Head and Clean

Stop engine and make sure cutting attachment has stopped moving and gear box has cooled. Start by removing spool from head.

To release tab, grasp body of spool housing firmly in one hand and with other hand cupped over tapping side insert thumb into hole where tab release is located and push down firmly toward base of spool housing.

Rotate head 180 degrees and repeat.

Remove cover, and press down on spool and rotate to release.

Unscrew star nut on head and remove nut and spool. Clean inside head.

Tip: Don't lose spring in center of spool.

Rewind the Trimmer Head

To rewind, determine correct diameter and length of line from instruction card. You'll need two equal pieces of line. Cut one double piece, fold in half and cut in two.

Tip: Look on bottom of spool for correct winding direction.

In half of spool closest to notches, insert line into retaining hole as far as possible, then wind around spool firmly and evenly. Leave 5 inches of line and insert into notch.

Repeat in second half of spool.

Carefully place spool into spool housing with notches just to side of eyelets.

Press down and rotate until notches and eyelets line up; leave in this position. Gently pull line out of notches and feed through eyelets.

Place cover on head making sure tabs line up with tab release holes and press down until it snaps tightly on both sides.

Re-install star nut.

Tip: Lines should not be longer than line limiter distance.