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Space-Saving Cookbook Rack

This DIY Basic will provide tips on building a space-saving cookbook rack.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

This space-saving cookbook rack keeps your recipes handy and your cookbook out of the way.

Materials and Tools:

1/2" plywood
3/4" x 3/4" hardwood edging
circular saw
wood glue
finishing nails
spring-loaded brackets
power drill and wood bits
miter box and saw
machine screws
paint or stain

Build the Base of the Rack

Using circular saw, cut wood base to size. Size base to fit largest cookbooks.

Tip: When calculating front to back length, include 3/4-inch edging.

Clamp straight board to saw base to serve as guide when cutting base and edging.

Stain and Assemble the Rack

Paint or stain base and edging before assembling rack.

Glue and nail 3/4-inch lip to front of base.

"Picture frame" base with L-moldings.

Tip: Miter one edging strip at 45-degree angle, hold in position, then mark cut on adjoining piece.

Glue and nail pieces to base.

Screw spring-loaded brackets to base. Pre-drill holes to prevent splitting.

Install the Cookbook Rack

Place rack under cabinet and mark bracket holes. Pre-drill holes and attach brackets to cabinet with machine screws. Make sure screws do not penetrate inside surface of cabinet.

Use elastic bookmark to hold cookbook open while you cook.