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Space for a New Fridge

This DIY Basic will provide tips on space for a new fridge.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

measuring tape
power drill
wood screws
4x8 wood or MDF
skill saw
finishing nails
wood putty
paint or stain

Remove Old Cabinets and Take Measurements

Typical 12-inch upper cabinets over a new deep refrigerator are almost unusable; here's how to solve that problem and create a built-in look for the new fridge.

Take down existing overhead cabinets.

Measure depth and height of new fridge sides and add extra space for ventilation and water connections. For proper ventilation, allow 1/2 inch of space at top; doors need 3 3/4 inch space on sides to swing open; allow 1 inch at back plus extra for water line connections. If you don’t have enough space in back, use recessed box for water connections.

Do not install fridge near heat source like oven or dishwasher.

Wood sides will frame in fridge and support upper cabinets.

Cut and Stain New Panels

Cut 4x8 wood or MDF to accommodate depth of fridge plus extra space.

Paint or stain sides before installation to match existing cabinets.

Install New Panels

Attach plywood side to existing cabinetry on right-hand side. Attach cabinet to right panel.

Make sure cabinet fronts are flush with panels and secure cabinets to left-hand panel.

Anchor frame to wall.

Finish top with molding.

Paint or stain sides to match existing cabinetry.