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Soft Contemporary (3 of 4): Lights in Place

Host Paul Ryan shows how to remove an old ceiling fan and replace it with new monorail track lights.

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    $250 - $500

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    Easy to Moderate


Step 1: Install the Transformer

Always be sure to turn the power off at the circuit breaker first when installing lights.

Disconnect the old lighting.

To install the transformer, attach a new support bracket to the box (Image 1).

Insert the stripped feed wires into the block connector.

Tighten the small set screws.

Put the transformer housing into place and screw tight to the support bracket (Image 2).

Step 2: Join the Sections of Track

Join the two sections of track using the short connector to make a "s" shape on the ceiling.

Determine where to place the track and mark where the first hanger rod will go.

Screw the drywall anchor into the ceiling.

Screw the threaded collar into the anchor.

join the sections of track

Step 3: Secure the Monorail and Finish Installation

Attach the hanger rods into the collars and extend to full height.

Put the monorail in place.

Attach the power cable and place the lights where you want along the rail.



  • Cork flooring (Duro Design/model: Cleopatra Negra/color: Natural) from The Morales Group Inc.
  • Spectra precision laser (model: LG2/type: line generator) from Trimble Navigation LTD
  • Low-voltage monorail and accessories:
    Dome S-II Coax pendent (Fusion/model: HS244BU1B35MRL/color Blue); Mini-Dome 1, Swivel 2 Rail Head (Fusion/model: HB325BU011A35MRL/color: Blue); Soft Curve Fusion kit (Fusion/model: FUSIONKIT8CV; 2 rails, connector and transformer); Mini-Dome 1 Pendent (Fusion/model: HS325BU1A35MPT/color: Blue) from LBL Lighting