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Get tips from DIY Network on how to add smart technology to your home.

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Tools & Materials

Wireless security system
Installation tools
Z wave lamp and appliance modules
Indoor & outdoor video cameras
Video camera with night vision
Wireless router
Smart phone

Smart and Secure

Tip: Smart home technology keeps you in control whether you're home or not.

Start with a wireless interactive security system.

Tip: Wireless is easier and less expensive to install; plus it’s a dedicated connection and there’s no line for an intruder to cut.

Install sensors on doors and windows.

Tip: Install sensors on medicine and liquor cabinets and office drawers.

Install indoor and outdoor video monitors.

Tip: Make sure at least one monitor has night vision capacity.

Automated Lights

Use z wave modules and switches to automate light and small appliances.

Install z wave compatible thermostats and door locks.

Install motion detector with image capture.

Tip: Set up image sensor by front door so you always know who's entering your home.

Smart Phone Control

Use mobile apps to get text and video alerts when door or window opens.

Control lights and energy systems with smart phone.

Tip: Set up automatic schedules to adjust lights and thermostats.

Lock and unlock doors via smart phone.

Set up automatic rules to turn off lights and lock doors when you arm system.