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Slide-In Kitchen Range

This DIY Basic will provide tips on installing a slide-in kitchen range.

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Gather Your Materials and Tools

Materials and Tools:

tape measurer
flat-blade screwdriver
carpenter's level
power drill
wrench or pliers
masking tape
1/4-inch and 5/16-inch nut driver
1/8-inch drill bit for wood floor
3/16-inch carbide-tipped masonry drill bit for concrete/ceramic floors
silicone adhesive
slide-in range
counter-depth refrigerator

Remove the Old Range

For an easy kitchen upgrade, trade freestanding range for slide-in. Because slide-in range does not have elevated back, make sure backsplash is flush with the countertop.

Remove old range and measure opening. If old and new ranges are same size, you won’t have to remodel cabinets.

If the new range is smaller than the cabinet opening, insert a granite gap filler.

Adjust the Legs on the New Range

Level range by adjusting leveling leg.

Tip: Measure height of range opening at all four corners; then measure from floor to underside of range cooktop. Leveling height will be difference between cabinet height and cooktop height.

Install Anti-Tip Bracket

Place anti-tip bracket template on floor with left edge against cabinet and back edge against rear wall; tape to floor.

Tip: If countertop is not flush with opening, align template with overhang.

Drill two holes into floor at positions marked on template. For wood floor, use 1/8-inch wood bit; for concrete or ceramic, use 3/16-inch masonry bit.

Remove template, and tap plastic anchors into holes using a hammer.

Screw anti-tip bracket to floor.

Push Range Into Position

Move range halfway into opening and plug into electrical outlet.

Tip: Use cardboard slide under range to protect floor.

Push range into final position, sliding back leg into anti-tip bracket.

Check range for level and adjust leveling leg if necessary.

Finish the built-in look with a counter-depth refrigerator.

Tip: Use paper grocery store bags to protect the floor while you slide the fridge into place.