Workshop Accessories

A few extra features can enhance a workshop space even further.
workshop accessories

workshop accessories

The Ultimate Workshop is at last complete. In this segment, a few bonus features are added to put the finishing touches on the workspace.

A utility sink may not be immediately obvious as a workshop fixture, but for the workshop that is removed from the house, a utility sink is especially useful as a source for water as well as a cleanup area. It's especially helpful for cleaning up paintbrushes, rollers, etc. The critical feature of a workshop utility sink is that it's deep enough to avoid making a mess on the surrounding floor.

Anti-fatigue mats for the floor might seem like an unnecessary extravagance, but they can be genuinely helpful for those who spend a great deal of time standing in the workshop. These cushioned mats feature a non-slip surface, and their cushioned construction helps absorb the impact and stress of prolonged standing. They can make a noticeable difference on a long workday. They can also help prevent or minimize damage to equipment or other objects that may fall from the work surface.

Consider adding a refrigerator to the workshop to keep snacks and cold beverages. A small refrigerator is probably sufficient. A coffee maker may also come in handy. After all, why not add a few creature comforts?

To that end, a wall-mounted television or TV/disc player combination will offer a way to keep up with news, weather or other programming, as well as how-to videos and do-it-yourself programming.

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