Step 1

cut box into sections using utility knife

Cut the Box into Sections Using a Utility Knife

Tape the cardboard box closed. Using a utility knife cut one-third of the length and two-thirds of the width off two sides of the box's top and off two sides of its bottom.

Step 2

use duct tape to close the holes

Seal the Holes with Duct Tape

Use duct tape to close the holes cut in Step 1. Make sure all of the seams are completely sealed.

Step 3

cut openings in box

Cut Openings in the Box

Cut a rectangular opening on the shallow end of the box. Cut a hole in the larger end of the box, big enough for the hose of the wet/dry vacuum to fit in.

Step 4

seal hole with foam

Seal the Hole with Foam

Tape a square of foam over the hole, and cut an X in the center to accommodate the hose.

Step 5

trying out the dustcatcher

Try out the Dustcatcher

Place the box close to the work piece, and turn on the vacuum while making cuts with the table saw.