Step 1

blow sawdust and other debris from band saw

Clear Debris

Lock the band saw's knob in the off position, and unplug the machine. Use a blower attached to an air compressor to blow sawdust and other debris from the band saw.

Step 2

remove rust from band saw table

Remove Rust, Dirt and Carbon Dust

To remove rust from the band-saw table, dip a piece of steel wool into liquid rust remover, and rub the steel wool on the top of the table. Use a clean cloth to rid the table of dirt and carbon dust. Never use solvents, which can damage the machine.

Step 3

apply coat of car wax to table

Apply Wax and Remove the Blade

Apply a coat of car wax to the table with a clean cloth. Remove the blade from the band saw, wearing gloves to protect your hands. Clean the blade with liquid rust remover applied to steel wool or a wire brush.

Step 4

clean saw with a wire brush

Clean the Saw

While the blade is off the tool, clean the areas that hold the blade, such as the wheels and the pitch of the band saw. Spray resin remover on them and clean with a wire brush.