Using a Roller Stand and Outfeed Table

Follow these tips for creating a support system for long pieces of wood.
roller stand and an outfeed table work together

roller stand and an outfeed table work together

Figure B

Figure B

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When cutting long pieces of wood on the table saw, it's important to have something to support the wood during the cut. A roller stand keeps the wood supported and traveling forward smoothly.

An outfeed table can also be used. If making an outfeed table, build it so it's the same height -- or slightly shorter than -- the surface of the table saw.

Ue a roller stand and an outfeed table together to work on sheet goods such as plywood.

Use a smaller roller stand for a drill press. This type of stand adjusts up and down for the correct height.

Another example shows the stand in a sideways position. As the board reaches the stand, it will tilt and flatten out to support the board. This is helpful because if the stand is set too high, it will still catch and hold the board. This stand also tilts to the other side, lifting the board up and away from the blade after the cut is made.

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