Using a Reciprocating Saw

DIY experts discuss the various types of reciprocating saws and the jobs for which they are best suited.

blade of reciprocating saw moves in and out to cut

The blade of a reciprocating saw moves in and out (reciprocates) to make the cut. The footplate on the tool sits against the material you’re cutting to give the blade cutting force and pivots to adapt to the angle of the material.

cordless reciprocating saw is great for outdoors

A cordless model is great for taking outside to cut tree limbs. Remember to keep the safety lock on when the saw is not in use.

reciprocating saw has long extension

This model has a long extension that can be angled to form a pistol grip.

reciprocating saw makes overhead cutting easy

This reciprocating saw makes overhead cutting easy. The front part pivots 90 degrees. Turn the blade over to cut all the way up to the ceiling. To turn the blade over, twist the knob, turn the blade and tighten the knob back down.

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