Step 1

drill block into place on center of hardwood

Drill the Block into Place

Drill a 1/2" hole through one side of the smaller piece of hardwood. The hole will hold the 1/2" dowel. On the same side of the small block as the 1/2" hole, drill the block into place on the center of one long edge of the 24" piece of hardwood.

Step 2

drill first hole into work piece

Drill the First Hole into the Work Piece

Before using the jig, drill the first hole in the desired spot on the work piece.

Step 3

insert the dowel

Insert the Dowel

Insert the dowel through the 1/2" hole on the jig and into the first hole drilled on the work piece.

Step 4

align drill bit for second hole and clamp in place

Clamp the Jig into Place on the Drill Press

Measure to find where the second hole should be. Align the drill bit with the spot for the second hole, and clamp the jig into place on the drill press in this position.

Step 5

drill the second hole

Drill the Second Hole

Step 6

drill third hole into work piece

Drill the Third Hole into the Work Piece

To drill the third hole, remove the dowel, and move the work piece down so that the dowel fits inside the second hole. The drill bit will automatically be aligned with the correct spot for the third hole. Continue repeating step 7 to drill as many evenly spaced holes as desired.