Tips on Using a Router Table

Router tables allow users to run wood over the router instead of running the tool over the wood. Here are a few tips on using a router table, ensuring safety and accuracy.
Tips on Using a Router Table

Tips on Using a Router Table

A router table adds versatility to a router by allowing the tool to work upside down. An inverted router is mounted to the table, allowing the user to run wood over the router rather than running the tool over the wood. Router tables come in a variety of sizes and may be portable or stationary.

The router table is made by attaching a fixed-base router to the underside of a table with bolts. Make sure the bolts are tight to ensure that the bit stays in place while you work. The guard on top of the table fits over the bits to ensure they won't pop off and injure the user. Underneath the guard is the router's collet, which holds the bit. It's important to make sure the collet is screwed on tightly so the bit stays in place.

Before making a cut with a router table, make sure the table is clamped securely to the workbench or work area so that it can't slide. Turn the router on, and place the wood to be cut against the fence. Feed the wood through the router bit, keeping it aligned with the fence. This will create a groove through the length of the wood.

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