Tips on Choosing the Right Router

Follow these tips from DIY experts and it'll be easy to choose and use a router.

Fixed-Base Router

fixed base router is useful for exterior cuts

The bit on this router has a bearing on the end of it to follow along the edge of the material being cut. Height adjustments are made by rotating the motor in the base. This router is not appropriate for making interior cuts because it does not allow you to bring the motor down into the cut while the base is in place.

Plunge Router

plunge router is great for making interior cuts

For interior cuts, this is the router to use. A plunge router offers a lock that, when released, allows the router to move up and down so that you can plunge into the center of a cut. This router has a scale to help you determine the proper height. It has variable speeds for use with different-sized bits. A template guide can be used with a plunge router to guide the bit around a template when making an interior cut. With a template guide, you can stop the cut in the middle and return to the same place to finish it later.

Trim Router

trim router is designed for laminate work

A trim router is a handheld router designed for laminate work, but can be used with small wood projects as well. Trim routers come with a variety of different bases for offset and bevel cuts.

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