put dull blade in vise and sharpen with file

Step 1

remove blade from mower

Remove the Blade

Disconnect the spark plug. Using a wrench, remove the blade from the mower. If it’s too tight, spray some lubricant on it.

Step 2

Use a File

Put dull blade in a vise and sharpen it using a file. You could try to do this by hand, but putting it in a vise is less awkward and will get the job done more quickly and accurately.

Step 3

use drill and sharpening stone on mower blade

Use a Drill and Stone

Another way to sharpen a mower blade is by using a drill and a special sharpening stone. Power it up and run it along the dull mower blade. Experts disagree on how often you should sharpen your blade. The range runs from every 2 weeks to every 6 months. To lessen the chances of a super dull blade, pick up twigs, rocks and other debris in your yard before you mow.