Step 1

tape off tile floor adjacent to area to be sanded

Tape Off the Area

Tape off the tile floor adjacent to the area to be sanded and cover any vents with cardboard.

Step 2

begin sanding with lower grit sandpaper

Begin Sanding

Put a sanding belt on the sander beginning with a lower grit (40) and working your way up to the higher grits. Be sure to tie on the collection bag.

Step 3

Create Smooth Boards

Start slow to get the feel for the machine. Go with the grain of the wood and make passes until all the finish is off and the boards are smooth (Image 1). The edge sander works in a similar fashion, just run it with the grain in a small oval pattern (Image 2). When you notice the sanders aren't taking down finish anymore, it's time to change the paper.

Step 4

use hand scraper in tight areas

Manually Scrape Tight Areas

The edger can't get everywhere, so you'll need to use a hand scraper in tight areas.