Hammers and Nails

No matter what the project, choosing the right hammers and nails is essential. This guide makes it easy to pick the right tools for any job.
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choosing the right hammers is essential

choosing the right hammers is essential

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There are 22 types of hammers and 14 kinds of nails on the market. Choosing the right ones for your project is essential.

The size of the hammer must correspond with the size of the nail. The bigger the nail, the heavier your hammer should be. Most hammering injuries occur when a large hammer is used for a small nail or vice-versa. No matter what size hammer you're using, wear protective eyewear.

The claw hammer is a basic hammer that comes in three weights for various kinds of jobs. It's a good choice for driving smaller nails.

The nylon hammer is used for joining two pieces of wood without marring the surface.

The magnetic tack hammer is used for driving tacks into upholstery and small nails into hard-to-reach places. Nails and tacks attach magnetically to the head.

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