Tips on Replacing a Sagging Pipe Under the Floor

When dealing with extensive plumbing problems, it's important to consult a professional to ensure proper repairs and safety measures. But here are a few tips to help DIYers replace sagging pipes.

Once it has been determined where the pipe dips and water has accumulated, mark and clear the surrounding area. The floor will be jack-hammered through so the underground pipe can be accessed. Make sure any major appliances -- such as laundry units or water heaters -- are out of the way.

Utilize professional help to assist with breaking through the floor. With the faulty pipe exposed, consult a professional plumber and reassess the problem. To replace the sagging pipe, remove the old existing pipe.

Properly connect a new PVC pipe in its place with the standard minimum of 1/4" slope per foot toward the street. Make sure all of the pipes are properly sealed and connected.

Backfill the hole and cover it with quick-setting cement. Finish the floor with new tiling.

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