toilet auger gets bathroom pipes running freely

Step 1

use toilet auger to snake for clogs in toilet

Put a Toilet Auger in the Toilet

Use a toilet auger to snake for clogs in the toilet.

Unhook if from the handle, then gently let it go to the ground.

Slowly pull up and carefully place it in the toilet bowl.

Step 2

Crank the Auger, and Push the Handle

Hold the auger steady as you crank, then push down the handle. You should feel a little resistance as the cable pushes up through the trap in the bowl.

Continue cranking until all the cable is out.

Step 3

Rewind the Cable, and Flush the Toilet

Rewind the cable by cranking and pulling up at the same time.

When it's fully out, flush the toilet to see if the clog has cleared.

Repeat if necessary.